Use the mouse to left click on the "Select parcel(s)" button below to start selection process. Then click in the parcel of interest and drag the mouse pointer within a single parcel or over multiple parcels to indicate the properties for which you want to calculate the impervious area. The application will calculate the impervious area and display the values below. The results are a summary of all of the impervious area on the parcels you touched with the mouse pointer.

Parcel Area:

Impermeable Surfaces

Parking Lots:

Projected Fee

Note: This tool provides an estimate of the stormwater utility fee for the selected parcel. The impermeable surfaces are derived from planimetric mapping generated from winter 2015 aerial imagery. If your property was developed after winter 2015 the data is not available at this time to calculate the impervious area. If you have less than 500 square feet of impervious surface your rate is 0. The fee estimator assumes you have selected 1 parcel. If you have selected more than 1 parcel, please add $1 for each additional parcel you have selected to the fee shown. The stormwater ordinance provides for an administrative appeal process in any instance in which the mapping doesn't accurately reflect the actual impervious area.